Customer quotes

"I cannot say enough nice things about Jenny! She has been grooming my dog Tater for over five years now. I am always very pleased with the way he looks and with the professional and caring way Jenny handles him. I know you will be glad to have her take care of your pet's needs."

Laura & Matt

"Jenny has been grooming for me for several years now. She is amazing with animals! She started grooming my Saint Bernard Heidi. This is quite a task as Heidi is a handful. She is a farm dog and has never left our farm. Jenny has managed to keep her nails trimmed and her coat in tip top shape. Jenny has also begun to groom my show Boston's. Again quite a job as there are many challenges in knowing what to do and how to do it the proper way. She is very patient and kind to all animals and a great asset to me and my dogs!"

Judi Sawyer
Takota Boston Terriers

Jenny and Big Foot